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Cityview Residence
This project consists of a comprehensive down-to-the-studs remodel of a single-family residence located near twin-peaks in San Francisco . To increase the size of the house and take advantage of the nearby views, a third-story master bedroom suite has been added in the rear of the house. A light-wood screen wraps the front and portions of the side of the house to add texture to an otherwise undistinguished facade.

Built, in the early 1950's, the newly remodeled house seeks to intensify its modernists roots by opening up the house making a completely open floor plan in the living room and kitchen areas. Improvements to the house include completely new infrastructure such as electrical and HVAC, as well as seismically upgrading the house to current building code standards and new finishes throughout.
Completed 2008
San Francisco, CA
Project Team:
Robert Edmonds
Vivian Lee
L.D. Construction
Adept Structural Engineers (Structural)
Images & Photos:
Bruce Damonte Photography