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2201 Market


San Francisco, California

For a triangular, flatiron-shaped parcel within the Upper Market Street district of San Francisco, Edmonds + Lee designed a six-story mixed-use building featuring residential units situated over an active ground-floor retail space. The architecture reflects and brings to life the surrounding neighborhood through a keen emphasis on strong corner expression, vertically-oriented fenestration, and tripartite elevations. Geometry and light work together, producing a building that is both unique and contextual, richly imaginative and deeply site-specific. The building works on multiple levels, from the intimacy of the scale of operable window to the building-length clerestory; from the way in which each visibly-delineated volume seems to work as its own dwelling within a multifamily structure to the dense packing of the horizontal cladding. The structure is at once large and manageable; defined and richly textured; sweeping and pointed.

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