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San Jose, California

MIRO is an extraordinary addition to the San Jose skyline; the two tallest towers in the city, this new apartment building offers a cosmopolitan take on a warm yet crisply contemporary residential style. We were responsible for all public areas: twenty thousand feet of lobbies and amenity spaces, spread throughout the property’s ground and podium floors as well as the spectacular sky deck. Throughout, an aesthetic of clean sophistication and sleek materials offers a residential opportunity unlike any other in this vibrant Bay Area city. Our contributions comprise public and amenity spaces split across multiple floors on two towers: two lobbies; a gallery space; fifth and sixth floor amenity spaces; and two sky lounges. Throughout, a mix of dense warm surfaces combine with carefully-considered furnishings to create spaces that are at once restorative and enlivening, private and public. The two lobbies are a study in contrasts; one is dark and one is light, but both create spatial texture by combining articulated wooden slats that line the walls and ceilings to produce a sense of separate space, with smooth polished marble. A dedicated gallery space in the east tower offers an opportunity for showcasing local, national, and international artists, and is detailed with thick concrete columns, minimal yet plush lounge seating, and vibrant lighting. Marble in both reception areas produces a feeling of deeply luxurious gravity and resonance, working in concert with playful lighting and perfectly-articulated proportions. On the podium floor, which links the two towers, a long lounge detailed with deep cozy chairs, globe lighting, and a fireplace provides a place for respite and restoration after pursuing the vast opportunities right outside MIRO’s front door. The sky lounges, meanwhile, offer hospitality-inflected moves like a long light wood bar next to a carefully curated bookshelf full of books, selected objects, and plants.
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