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Pacific Heights Residence


San Francisco, California

For this comprehensive renovation of a single-family Green Street home that was required by neighborhood codes to maintain the existing historical exterior, Edmonds + Lee focused on opening up the interior, organizing a series of living spaces around a preserved staircase that operates as an anchor connection old and new, historical and modern. Full-height sliding doors connect the indoors to the outdoors via the living room, which is itself connected to a generously-sized open kitchen. A refined and subtly-organized material palette of wide-plank walnut flooring, natural stone, and sheerly polished marble create an environment that speaks to calm reflection, the magic of simple detailing, and the beauty of an errant line. Edmonds + Lee’s signature aesthetic of long lines interrupted only by perfectly-placed pops of detail is visible in the kitchen and living room, where ethereally-constructed cabinetry creates an almost-flat wall surface, with just enough dividing lines to both catch the eye and create a sense of forward movement in the space. Relatively plush furnishings combine with the ornate reclaimed staircase to create a home that is at once sumptuous and quiet, eye-catching and restful.

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